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Adamich Audrey(218-665-2300)
Crisis Resource Center(218-634-3233)
Hanson Grace(218-634-9460)
Hauger E A(218-634-1675)
Hosier Blanche(218-634-2579)
Humes Celia(218-634-2265)
Lake of the Woods Senior Citizens(218-634-2449)
Lake Therapies-Baudette(218-634-3448)
Lakewood Care Center(218-634-1588)
Lakewood Health Center(218-634-1588)
Longtin Eraine(218-634-2848)
Olson Esther(218-634-9884)
Olson M L(218-634-9779)
Peterson Dorothy(218-634-1357)
Reese Harriet(218-634-9446)
Schnoor Carl(218-634-1320)
Schubert Hazel(218-634-2935)
Smith L(218-634-2539)
Sorensen's Auto of Baudette(218-634-3213)
Moose Lodge(218-634-1901)
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