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Ascheman Carol(320-843-2013)
Hegna Marvin(320-669-4636)
Kaatz Karl(320-669-7112)
Stangeland Sheery(320-669-7345)
Meiers Albert(320-669-4941)
Meiers Shirley(320-669-4941)
Johnson Becky(320-669-7147)
Johnson Lavern(320-669-7147)
Clarkfield Automotive Repair(320-669-3306)
The Filling Station Bar(320-669-4415)
Corner Grocery The(320-669-4961)
Sannerud Nancy(320-669-4881)
Sannerud Terry(320-669-4881)
Nelson Nefton(320-669-4946)
Clarkfield Assembly of God Church(320-669-4651)
Kruse Calvin H(320-669-7319)
Bliss Jennifer(320-669-1075)
Longhenry John(320-669-8838)
Rolighed Earlene(320-669-7607)
Longhenry Jay C(320-669-4519)
Longhenry Louisa(320-669-4519)
Flattum Leo O(320-669-4984)
Anderson Bruce(320-669-7626)
Miller Equip & Mfg Inc(320-669-4628)
Cornelius Gaylen(320-669-7237)
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