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Ankrum D(507-865-4473)
Tangeman C J(507-283-8830)
Tangeman Robert(507-283-8830)
Thorson Dorothy(507-283-4813)
Thorson Norman(507-283-4813)
Frakes Annabelle(507-283-9010)
Golla Evangeline(507-283-8575)
Golla George(507-283-8575)
Petersen Dorothy(507-283-1966)
Petersen Kurt(507-283-1966)
Jensen Delaine(507-283-2175)
Jensen Jerome(507-283-2175)
Siebenahler Leon(507-283-2837)
Siebenahler Phyllis(507-283-2837)
Akkerman Jesse(507-449-8787)
Luverne Community Hospital(507-283-2321)
Uithoven Greg(507-283-9610)
Uithoven Marilyn(507-283-9610)
Luverne Country Store Llc(507-449-6050)
First National Bank of Luvern(507-449-5888)
Identity Sports Marketing(507-283-2100)
Indentity Sports(507-449-1600)
Meulebroeck Taubert & Co Pllp(507-283-4055)
Frakes Realty(507-283-4620)
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