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Anderson K R(507-346-2277)
Nerstad Edith(507-498-5590)
Bloyer Amanda(507-498-3513)
Bloyer Shawn(507-498-3513)
Schulte Miles(507-498-5437)
Schulte Susan(507-498-5437)
Jaster John(507-498-5411)
Folz Kristy(507-498-3512)
Folz Paul(507-498-3512)
Onstad D(507-498-3454)
Onsgard Mark(507-498-3403)
Devries Sam(507-498-3637)
Devries Scott(507-498-3637)
Haldorson Theresa L(507-498-3637)
Betcher Joel(507-498-3938)
Burcalow Tricia(507-498-3938)
Stiner Judy(507-498-1948)
Sebranek Josh(507-498-3946)
Dahler Connie(507-498-5523)
Anderson Zane(507-498-3656)
Trinity Lutheran Church(507-498-3656)
Myhre Keith(507-498-5244)
Sagdalen Gloria(507-498-5511)
Swinghamer Jack(507-498-3530)
Swinghamer Jodeen(507-498-3530)
Lile Julianna(507-498-3674)
Lile Patrick(507-498-3674)
Johnsrud Howard(507-498-5186)
Bergrud Peter(507-498-5838)
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